Eradicate Racist and Homophobic Brantly Millegan's Existence from the DAO

As we all know, the ENS token has been on a downwards trend since the initial pump and dump in November. It is down 80% from the top. Literal scams had better price performance than the $ENS token.
I attribute the reason to that to people like BrantlyMillegan.eth, who got way too many team tokens for free and have instantly dumped them onto the market. Since then, we had to hear statements from Brantly like “price doesn’t matter” presumably because he already dumped his unlocks and is just waiting for his team unlocks. Now it has been revealed that merely 4 years ago, Brantly was ranting against people with different sexual orientation or with a different skin color.
He has been a total net negative from the project since the start.

I propose we eradicate Brantly Millegans existence from the DAO. His votes should be worthless. His remaining locked team tokens could be used for another airdrop or just burned. His name should be removed from as many UI as possible- the fact that he has his name cannot be removed onchain but it can be removed from UI implementations.


Put emotions aside and think for a few minutes.


I know what you are trying to say, and trying to achieve. There is a difference betweens TNL and the DAO.
The DAO is decentralised and for a reason. Everybody is able to vote, regardless of who, what and how.

If you succesfully eradicate Brantly from ENS not TNL, then the system is flawed. Then the system has no use. It is the same as any other centralised system.

“Your thoughts don’t align with mine, you need to go” is very, very dangerous. Keep that in mind.

So let’s calm down. Think for a second and talk about how to go further.


I disagree with cancel culture but we can’t act like that person doesn’t have the same beliefs from 2012 in 2022 as they haven’t tweeted about it.

I think ens can thrive without the negativity and cult behaviour from brantly.

He does great in onboarding new people to the space but someone else can and someone else should.


I think his point in saying I propose is so we can vote on this idea. if the DAO votes. It remains decentralized with what ever the outcome is. With that said there is no justification for hatred of minority groups period.

Also, simply reducing this to a difference in beliefs is rather intellectually dishonest. I fail to care what god(s) you pray to or if you pray at all its your freedom to do so and I’ll support it to its fullest extent. Where I draw the line is when you start spewing hatred out. simple, a person that spews hate and stands by it isn’t fit to represent in any capacity a web3 community made up of countless of individuals from a plethora of difference backgrounds, beliefs, creeds, races, sexes, and sexual orientations. it goes against the very idea of inclusion in web3.

So much of this post just makes me want to shake my head.

First, the price of $ENS and what he does with his tokens has nothing to do with the current situations
Second, his votes also represents people who delegated to him, instead of rendering his votes useless, you should focus on lobbying people (public record) who delegated to him to change delegates
Third, your proposed actions would make ENS a lot less credible as part of web3 and decentralization


We judge people for their code not their character. Speaks for itself that the original poster’s only concern seems to be the token price.


I seriously wish I were this “enlighted” and “woke” to be more concerned about some guys archaic political views than what’s right in front of us.

  1. The $ens token sinking.

  2. The dao making millions on registration fees mad nobody knows where those funds are going.

  3. No plan strategy for marketing and “pumping” (in a good way) our token.

And please don’t give me this “token price doesn’t matter” It sure doesn’t matter when you are one of the DAO heads/directors collecting millions in fees.

This has become a huge scam, and while .eth is breaking records in registrations, the token is breaking records in lower lows.

Complete crap management.


If only Twitter mob would put their efforts into creating new things instead of chasing people who already created something successful and trying to destroy their work, we all would be in a better world. Plain jealousy and inferiority complex aura around those people.


Continue discussion here. We don’t need several threads.