Error in the owner field in the ENC domain

Hello. I purchased a domain ukrnafta.eth and it is in my wallet 0xa656417d46CE1c466d3A4cB8dB5d62eDe1b3412a, but there is some error in the OWNER record, there are only zeros, not my address. I contacted the and they paid attention to me, since the domain is not displayed on the

Help me to understand.
Thanks, Anatoly.

Kiev, Ukraine

PS.Today I bought a domain stereobank, everything is fine with it, but there is some kind of error with this

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Sounds like the same issue described here: Recent OpenSea delistings

Good to know you were able to get OpenSea support to relist it. Etherscan still has that ongoing bug in their UI though, that’s why the owner shows up as 0x000...


Thanks for the comment, at managed to place a domain and set the price, and does not see my domain and, accordingly, I can not deliver it.
For reference, what answer thanks for returning to us!

I apologize that you are concerned about unsatisfactory circumstances, especially with regard to your problem on your NFT, which was not displayed on your OpenSEA account. I know that it really disappoints, I have no where he goes.

However, when checking the collection, which you say, I saw that the goods belong to you. (See Attached photos) Owner NUL ADRESS 000000 …
What advise you to solve with support Etherscan the problem of the OWNER?