ETH fees when buying

This is regarding to buy a domain. I just made the first transaction to buy a domain from ens and as soon as I try to make the second trasnaction it just says that I dont have enough ETH to purchase it. The next problem is that I dont see the amuont that I need to have to buy it.

Does someone have the same issue?

If you receive that notification, it’s likely that you do not have the balance to cover the transaction. Check to see if your wallet carries a sufficient balance to execute the transaction.

ENS attempts to estimate the cost (see image), but the official transaction amount will populate somewhere in the approval dialog on your wallet.

With the current gas prices, I recommend checking your transaction settings and adjusting gas prices accordingly.


You can use pay Slow or Custom Miners Fees to reduce the amount you pay. I, generally, select slow, since the gas fees are high. Slow will have the transaction go much slower than normal or fast. Custom let’s you set the maximum Miner’s fees you are willing to pay. You can be lucky, but the lower the custom is below Slow, the longer it will take for the transaction to be completed, if at all. I just did one and it took 19 minutes, but I had some that went all night and were never completed and failed; in which case, I had to raise the amount I was willing to pay.

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