Event: ENS Community Office Hours #3

Join us on Twitter Spaces for another ENS Community Office Hours.

We will be hosting our third ENS Community Office Hours at a more GMT friendly time this week. Moving forward we will continue to alternate schedules that ensures more time-zones are available to attend.

Time: 6pm GMT | 1pm EST
Call Tweet: https://twitter.com/ENS_DAO/status/1488685039885766658
Hosts: @Coltron.eth @spencecoin
Guests @estmcmxci


  • @estmcmxci Will be on to speak about his proposed Community subgroup Comunidad para Hispanohablantes, focused on bringing together the Spanish-Speaking community.

  • The ENS DAO Stewards are currently working on their budget proposals and other tasks required in the beginning of their term. We will touch on these tasks, what they are, some of our thoughts, and answer any questions the community may have.

  • The mic is yours! Anything goes. The purpose is this weekly space is to provide a forum to chat about anything ENS or Web3 in a relaxed and inclusive setting.