EXPIRATION DATE: anomalous gas price

Hello all,

For several days, the cost of gas for prolonging the EXPIRATION DATE of the site is at extremely high values. The approximate cost (depending on gwei) is 0.2~0.5 Eth ($200~500). The Gas Limit value is automatically sets very high, and MetaMask does not allow lowering it (the Save button is inactive). MetaMask has not yet responded to my request, but the wallet says site settings. Of course, at these prices, I can not extend.

Does anyone here know what is causing this? Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

That is likely just a bug/quirk in Metamask where it shows ridiculously high fees if you don’t have enough ETH in your account to cover gas costs. The wallet also usually needs a little bit of extra buffer too as far as the ETH amount goes.

If you add more ETH into the account that should hopefully be fixed.

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Indeed, the amounts are funny. )
And there isn’t much in the wallet. But for a couple of prolongations, it would be enough.
Thanks a lot for the advice! I’ll try that.