Extend max commitment time from 1 day to 1 week


In the current registration system, we have 3 step system where you make commit transaction, wait 1 min, and then registerWithConfig. This is necessary to prevent front running but we have a rule where the commit is valid only for maxCommitmentAge and users have to start from step 1 once maxCommitmentAge hours have passed (code reference). The value can be updated with the majority of 7 multisig holders.

Currently maxCommitmentAge is set to 86400 seconds which is 24 hours. Anyone can see the value at https://etherscan.io/address/controller.ens.eth#readContract

With the rise of gas price and ETH price, ENS team started receiving more report where people haven’t completed the 2nd transaction (either forgot, left it intentionally as the transaction takes time, gas is too high, or due to some technical difficulties) and it is often too late by the time they reach ENS team at discord for support or sometimes we didn’t have the capacity to respond as quickly as we can.


I would propose to change the value for 1 week so that it allows more time for users and ENS team to respond.


Good idea. Gas fees vary greatly not just between day and night but different weekdays too.

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This is a great idea.