Extending the ens top level domain

The .eth domain has become a one size fit all domain . It’s serves both as a wallet address and also as a web address and can also link to any type of address .

I believe it is important to be able to separate different address for different uses. Just like we have in web2 . There is a .gov for government authorities, a top level domain indicating a country for example .us e.t.c

my solution is the create a TLD that I believe is generic enough to capture any domain for any type of network or usecase and is not part of the ICANN registered domains…

The “.addr” tld short for address . It can represent any type of address and to make it richer we can append a network to it .For example . eth.addr, .btc.addr ,.web.addr (for websites) → vitalik.web.addr .

It can even be multi chain and serve networks beyond ethereum .
This makes it easier to integrate any network or usecase into Ens …and maybe one day compete with the traditional DNS…

Thank you ,I would love to know what you think…

I thought about this a lot as a means to boost our adoption on other chains.

But my idea is different. I would argue that in order not to pollute the name space, and in order to not actually mint more domains, simply make .eth interchangeable with .ens for example.

If you owned John.eth, you could also have it represented as John.ens.
There would not technically be 2 John domains, only the one.

I believe this would allow ens to be adopted on other chains without ie BTC maxis flipping out because they hate eth (.eth).

We don’t compete with traditional DNS but rather integrate with them by allowing DNS owner (.org,.com,.xyz,etc)

Please also refer to my latest talk slide for how ENS is approaching multichain.