Fail claiming of ENS airdrop

I have registered my ENS name approximately 3 years ago and registered my address under the parent “.etherbase.eth”, since my parent is actually “.etherbase” instead of “.eth”, I have failed to claim the ENS token airdrop. I really wonder why I paid exactly the same annual service fee by the time I registered under “.etherbase.eth” but I am not regarded as a registrant of “.eth” and being ineligible for the airdrop?

It sounds like you control a subdomain of etherbase.eth, right? Subdomains were not eligible for the airdrop.

I’m guessing that the owner of etherbase.eth has some paid service where they give you a subdomain? I wasn’t able to find that after a quick brave search.

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That is what it soundslike. if your eth address is something.etherbase.eth, then the owner of etherbase.eth is the only one eligible for the airdrop. If you’re paying the same $5 registration fee per year, then you should probably take that up with whoever owns etherbase.eth because it sounds like they’ve got a great setup with you paying their registration fees.

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