Failed to register and got stuck on 'TX pending'

After completing the second transaction to register a domain, I clicked Register for the third step and approved the transaction in my Coinbase Wallet (just as I did for the second). Had plenty of fund left over and verified that the ETH was withdrawn. “TX Pending” was displayed for more than 2 hours and the battery on my laptop died. When I visit the site again, its back at step three as if it never happened and clicking Register seeks to kick off a new transaction.

Am I screwed? Is there any way to recover from this circumstance and not pay again?

Can you please send the transaction hash?

My mistake - it just took many hours opposed to the minutes I was expecting. Once the transaction completed I was able to get set up.

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Great, glad to hear it worked out :star_struck:

[Failed to register and got stuck on ‘TX pending’]

Today is the third day and I am still stuck on Register. Its important to note that after hours of waiting, I tried to restart the process and clicked on register again but it gets stuck at TX pending. {edit} I have 4 pending transactions on MetaMask queued up. still not working.

It won’t work until you either cancel the transactions (paying gas) or wait for them to be dropped off the scheduler (I don’t know what’s the timescale for such things)

I did. I cancelled all the queued transactions and even agreed to pay gas. I got this error instead transaction 16 failed! [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC “value”:{“code”:-32000,“message”.“already known”}}" I also tried the “speed up” option, got the same error.

Perhaps creating a ticket on Discord can help. Have you been there?
“message”.“already known” seems like there is still something queued up which is holding up any further interactions from your wallet to the ENS Registerar

I haven’t tried creating a discord ticket yet. However, I just tried to cancel again and chose an aggressive gas fee option (it was only 16$). This time I got Transaction 16 successful notification. I am not sure if I should restart the registration process or just wait. sigh