Fake airdrop site

If you have already warned of this site… then feel free to delete this thread or move it to a more appropriate category. I am new to discord and came across this url. If you click on the “verify” channel you get the following…

ENS Home (ensdomain.online)
・verify (discord.com)

I realized immediately it was fake because of a tweet from ENS.ETH earlier today. This first post of mine was supposed to be my introduction to this group so I was looking for my Dischord ID and came across this instead. Anyways… this seems more important. Nice to meet everyone. I hope this helps.

Thanks for bringing this up. I flagged it to have a moderator look at it.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention @thebalks.

I have submitted a takedown request for the website.

Can you please open a support ticket in our Discord server and tag me (alisha.eth) so I can confirm the details for the fake server and file a report.

Appreciate your help!

The registrar, Public Domain Registry, placed a clientHold on ensdomain[.]online. The phishing domain won’t be able to resolve now.

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