Feedback on some questions

Hi, first of all, thank you for your ENS. I received 66 of them this time. I bought domain names for a long time, but I didn’t set them up because of my poor English, so I seem to have missed a lot. But this is also the first time I’ve received airdrop tokens, and it’s very nice, thank you.

At present, I have encountered a problem about deducting the handling fee when setting the address reverse.

My address is:0x540aE31F0977E16cAEc58559603718A25Bbf17B5;
domain name is: erco.eth;

I start setting on the official page from 2021/11/04 11:09 , and interact in the small fox wallet, but did not set successfully, then I repeated six times, total seven times. But two weeks so far the reverse settings are not successful, while the fees are charged, hopes can find out the problem, and return the fee to me, Thank you very much!

First transaction hash:


Second transaction hash:


Third transaction hash:


Fourth transaction hash:


Fifth transaction hash:


sixth transaction hash:


seventh transaction hash:


Sending address:0x540aE31F0977E16cAEc58559603718A25Bbf17B5

Receiving address: 0x084b1c3c81545d370f3634392de611caabff8148

The screenshots: