[Feedback Request] x23.ai - applying LLMs to web3 data

GM! I just presented on the Ecosystem WG call and it was suggested to post here for more feedback.

I’m creating https://app.x23.ai, where we apply the LLMs/AI to web3 data. Specifically, we’ve indexing and summarised a lot of ENS data which can be found here: The ENS community | x23.ai.

The goal of this is to help people stay up to date on the communities and protocols they care about, so that they are better informed and more able to participate.

I’m looking for feedback from the ENS community, especially delegates or active participants. How can we improve x23 to make it more useful for you? What essential data is missing currently? What problems can we help solve for the ENS community?

Any and all feedback is helpful! Please reply here or DM me on telegram: daveytea (also same handle on twitter/X).

Many thanks! :pray:

Some other relevant links:

  • You can seach across all our supported protocols, e.g. see where ENS was mentioned, or if a service provider is also interacting with another community: Instant search across web3 | x23.ai
  • Community Rankings to compare ENS’s activity with other active web3 communities: Web3 Community Rankings | x23.ai
  • We’re also part of the Public Goods Round 12, so if you like what we do please cast a vote for x23.ai: Snapshot

Hi! Thanks for posting. I think this could be very helpful in curating information relevant to ENS Delegates, similar to the role played by the bi-weekly newsletter. I encourage the community to engage with this post, check out the product, and leave feedback!

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Neat! One thing I’d note is that the summary treats newly updated threads as if they were just posted - so it describes the DNSSEC work as if it was done this week, because a new reply was added to its thread.

Thanks @nick.eth that’s good feedback. Will work out a way to make it clearer what is new vs updated.

Welcome to the ecosystem ! This is cool.

I actually just caught myself up with ecosystem happenings ‘manually’ and then clicked on this thread. The summary on x23 did fairly succinctly match up with the things that I had read.

My only thought is that it still seems a bit crowded in terms of the volume of text on the page. Perhaps the summaries could be toggle-able and a list of relevant links could be given more prominence. I’d like to be able to toggle a summary of the links that interest me and get to them immediately - I feel like that should be front and center.

Thanks for the feedback and great idea to have the summaries toggle-able!