Forum Slow Down Mode

Is there any other intent or reason behind the post slow down mode other than to encourage thoughtful responses?

Is it possible to change the setting on the discourse so that edits to recently posted responses are able to be made but still restrict a consecutive timed post?

That would be super.


Actually, I would also like it if the “consecutive posts” restriction was removed or relaxed. I don’t know if it’s possible to say “disallow consecutive posts, unless X hours have passed”, but that would be nice

As it stands, I’ve run into multiple cases already where I cannot post a new reply to a thread because the last post is me responding to someone else in the thread about some other topic, days or weeks ago. So I have to either awkwardly edit the last post (which means people don’t see it in their feed as a new post), or delete that post first.


Testing consecutive post…

Edit: Okay cool that worked. And you should be able to edit your posts too, within 1 day of posting I think


Discourse Configuration has been changed to:

90 second cool down time to edit recent post

  • enables a shorter wait time to make corrections and is still remains effective so that a user can’t edit and re-post, re-edit and re-post consecutively.

6 hour time-limit to edit post

  • begins after a users most recent post before it remains on discourse as an uneditable text field, and is specific to each unique post. I think after six hours, most people would have come to the conclusion whether or not that’s the post they would like to keep visible. If that is an issue for anyone, try composing on a text-editor first.

If there is any major objections, or multiple differing opinions, it can easily be changed. The most important aspect is that all users are able to use the space while consensus is whole. There is always a vote if need be.

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