Free ENS registration for Affiliated partners like coinbase

I will keep this short and simple.

Coinbase NFT has rolled out and yet we don’t see any integration with ENS domains. I believe these are lost opportunities that we need to capitalize on in two ways:

  1. Negotiate with the likes of Coinbase to include ENS domain name as part of the profile.
  2. Open free registration for ENS domains through Coinbase NFT accounts. Each account is eligible for one +4 letters ENS domain name. They will only need to take of the gas fee.

Simple tactics like that will get ENS into the mainstream.

P.S: Please feel free to take this into temp check and vote.


Does coinbase nft require link to kyc coinbase account? That could help prevent people from gaming the system and flooding coinbase nft marketplace to gain ENS domains. Aside from that if considered, at least 5+ Character domain. Four is far to valuable. IMO

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Coinbase NFT will support ENS name resolution soon. (Coinbase already does)

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Sure, ENS resolution, like sending an NFT to someone’s .eth name right? That’s good at least!

But in general they are using their own private database/system of usernames as I understand it. The same system from Coinbase Wallet I’m assuming.

Big opportunity miss here. :pensive:

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I think that is reserving all the .eth names for people to use on the platform, it would be great though if when someone tries to enter a .eth on their site, it let them know that the name was available and allowed them to just buy it right then and there.

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I actually had a user once who sent funds to what he thought was his .eth, but accidentally sent it to a username by the same name instead. His error description was something along the lines of “the .eth wasn’t added” and it took me a while to realize what had happened.

Fortunately, the username pointed to another one of his wallets, but users can and have confused the two when using Coinbase Wallet.


Yep… Coinbase has created a whole lot of alpha for scammers here. It’s supposed to be an NFT platform, and ENS is the NFT for your name, this should have been a slam dunk. Instead it’s yet another sea of thieves like Twitter names.

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Coinbase is onboarding from web3 to web2

I didn’t want to take over this Coinbase-specific thread with this topic so I created a separate thread that discusses subdomains and scams in general:


That’s a good suggestion

Connecting with Coinbase and letting them know how many users we can bring to CoinbaseNFT will be a big bargaining chip.

(Open free registration for ENS for the first 10,000 users… We’ll have this in 15 minutes!)

Looking at the current buzz around ENS names, I think Coinbase missed on a great opportunity to bring in thousands of users. We should not give in easily at this point.

We know now that ENS is at the core of Web3 world.