Frens: Proposal for New Decentralized Social Media Platform Using ENS

Frens Reticulated with Ethereum Name Service (FRENS)

ENS supports messaging between domain names, how far of a leap is it to a decentralized twitter or instagram-like platform?

It could just support simple messaging, or maybe something like each “tweet” is minted and can not only be liked by others but bid on. Users may mint text or images and other users can like and comment (the latter wouldn’t be on chain).

Hoping to inspire and get the gears turning. I encourage anyone who can visualize something like this to reply so we can brainstorm together.

Frens could even be used to trade NFTs like OpenSea. Would this be possible?


EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is a project you may be interested in following.


hi @toshi I like your thinking and enthusiasm building with ENS! You will definitely meet some frENS here interested in the same. Soon the ENS Ecosystem Working Group kicks off, would love to see you there. Although ENS itself wouldn’t build this app, but the community. Working Groups are going to help facilitate and support in whatever ways we can.

If you want to check out what Working Groups will be, there’s an older temp check topic here:

Its already been passed though here: [EP4] [Social] Proposal: Creation of Foundational Working Groups and Working Group Rules

I saw you just joined the forums. :partying_face: Also be sure to jump into Discord with us, there’s a lot of conversations that go on there all the time about projects and you’ll meet great people working on really cool stuff.

ENS Discord

Glad to see your post! :100: