Functionality for ENS names to hold assets such as tokens/nft's

Has there been any consideration and would it even be possible for ENS names to hold assets? Assets such as ERC20 tokens, nft’s, POAP’s. I don’t mean the underlying eth account that owns the ENS name. I mean ENS names that when the ENS name is transferred to a new account, the underlying assets attached/owned by that ENS name will transfer with the name to a new account. This if doable, would open up all kinds of possibilities and expand ENS name functionality.

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This is already possible via ERC-6551: Non-fungible Token Bound Accounts.

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Here’s a great Twitter thread by Cygaar on ERC-6551 for anyone that wants an ELI5:


Thanks was not aware of this. Will check it out.

Thank you will give it a read.