Funding/grant from ENS DAO

Hi there,

As I understand it, ENS DAO provided $10k of funding to the 10kclub. I have a couple of questions around what was the purpose this funding and what was it used for?

I am asking as a member of the 24hclub, we are getting things organised within our community and some funding to tackle some key tasks would really help to enable our growth.

So my next question is how do we go about making a similar funding request?



Glad to have you here @0x1353.eth :partying_face:

Have a look at this thread about small funding/grants:

Feel free to reply there.

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@zadok7, it’s prob best to keep replies about this topic here. That small grants post is specifically for the resource request to to the PG WG to fund the building of the project.

@0x1353.eth, @slobo.eth can confirm, but the 10k club grant was a retroactive grant for value provided to the ENS ecosystem in the form of growing adoption, measured through an increase in primary names set, avatars set, and registrations, along with educational content on Twitter.

I recommend attending an Ecosystem WG call which happens weekly on Tuesday’s. There will be an agenda posted before the call with links and timing.

You could also make a resource request for funding in the ‘resource request’ category of the Ecosystem section of the forum.


100% this. I want to emphasize the value of bringing new folks to ENS through education.

As Alisha mentioned ecosystem calls are open to anyone to attend and we would be happy to have you there.

Check out the events section of the forum as well: 📆 Events - ENS DAO Governance Forum


Got it. Sorry!

This is great, thanks, I will definitely aim to join the next call, will also share this info with the Timekeepers team. Much appreciated!


Yea the small grants program would be a good place to start! We should have that app finished up in the next week or so, and hoping to coordinate with the first Working Group to try this out as soon as this next term kicks off!


This looks amazing @carlosdp. So you expect that the app will be finished in the next week or so and then from what I’ve read, we can submit a proposal for funding, via the app, when it’s ready?

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Yea it’ll work pretty similar to . I don’t think we’ll have a funding round started within a week, to be clear, but hopefully within next few weeks.