Gas too high. How to reduce?

I have some ENS in metamask , i try to register ENS but the ETH Gas is too high. Help me , please.

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Gas guesser
It is an handy tool to get the best price.
Be nocturnal and get a cheaper rate.


Gas is likely going to be a problem for a while yet. However, you have until May 4, 2022 to claim your tokens. So, watch for a dip in gas prices. There’s not much anyone can do to lower the cost of using the blockchain until PoW and sharding are enabled. I understand that mainnet tokens are desirable… but I was really hoping for something on L2 – such as Polygon… or some way to claim through zksync.

The high gas fees are what’s preventing me from being much more engaged in ENS as well.

Having written that… I’m very grateful for the airdrop! It’s going to be a nice Christmas after all…

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Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to register 5 domains and to pay one gas fee or It is only possible to pay gas fee for every registration?

Sorry, a gas fee for each registration. I had to pay it, because each token has its own token ID.


Early tomorrow morning may be good. Also this holiday weekend should be very good (less competition), especially Sunday.