Gitcoin GR15 has begun!

Gitcoin Grants Round 15 has begun!

Support your favorite open source projects and causes - contributions are matched with Quadratic Funding!

Click here to view all grants participating in the ENS Ecosystem $69,420 matching round!

Good luck grantees, buildorrrrs, and contributorrrrs! :grinning:


If it’s ok I’d like to offer LikeButton.eth $❀️ fractionals to any grantee if they would like to use them as giveaways to help drive awareness, engagement & ideally community support.

I just mapped & bridged 69,420❀️ onto Polygon making them very cost effective to transfer (>$0.01) and is pointing to Tip Party built by the Moonshot Collective offering bulk transfers of :heart: on Polygon + compatibility with ENS names.

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