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ENS DAO Small Grants - September 2022

The ENS DAO Small Grants project is hosting two more rounds. The Public Goods and Ecosystem working groups will each award 1E to the top five voted projects in thier respective rounds.

Proposal submissions are open now until September 23rd at 6pm GMT. Voting begins September 23rd at 11:59pm GMT.

Place your submission at https://www.ensgrants.xyz/.

Updates for this round

In addition to the new Ecosystem round, other updates have been applied since the last round.

Approval Voting - An approval voting strategy will allow you to select and vote on multiple proposals at once.
UI Updates- The styling has been completely revamped. Better placeholder text, form validation, and submission confirmation have also been implemented

This is a work in progress and additional improvements will be made. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Huge thanks to @taytems, @gregskril, and @carlosdp for making this possible.

Submission Timeline

Submisson Starts - 9/16 @ 6pm GMT
Submission Ends - 9/23 @ 6pm GMT
Voting Starts - 09/23 @ 11:59pm GMT
Voting Ends - 09/30 @ 11:59pm GMT


Reminder that voting is now live! - Vote At ENSgrants.xyz

Round Review

Lead stewards have reviewed the grants before voting. For grants that did not pass review, one of two actions were taken: relocation or removal.

Relocated Projects

Grants that were better suited for a different category were relocated.

Grant Name Action Taken
ENS Podcast Ads On ETH Daily Relocated to Public Goods
ENS👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - The new social network Relocated to Public Goods
@ensregistry - ENS Registrations Bot :robot: Relocated to Ecosystem
New features for ETHRegisterController Relocated to Ecosystem
AFROGLOBE.com Relocated to Ecosystem
Electronic Medical Records storage Relocated to Ecosystem

Removed Projects

Grants that were erroneous, spam, or did communicate any project were removed.

Grant Name Action Taken Reason
Eth future Removed Grant text contained, “Really it’s very good & strong project! […] Wish me luck. This is definitely going to be HUGE!,” without communicating a project.
APP ENS DAO on smartphones Removed Grant text contained, " […] In the process, I used a knife, I realized that the most inconvenient thing was that only when I opened the computer or waited for the website on the phone…" Unclear if this is AI or any sort of real project.