ENS DAO Newsletter #16 - 10/15/2022

ENS DAO Newsletter #16 - 10/15/2022

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:colombia: Devcon Bogotá

ENS + POAP + IYK Custom Swag Collaboration

The custom ENS cards made in collaboration with IYK and POAP were a huge success - with all 2000 distributed to Devcon attendees. At times the queue reached a ~60 minute wait, and we appreciate everyone being patient!

#Devcon for all ages. 🦄🧒🌈 pic.twitter.com/1mIoYg6vuP

— Deva the Devcon Unicorn (@EFDevcon) October 13, 2022

swag line was intense @ensdomains pic.twitter.com/BoHTPZKsql

— slobo.eth | nfty chat | 🦇🔊 @ devcon 🇨🇴 (@AlexSlobodnik) October 12, 2022

The line for the ENS Card x IYK x POAP this morning!@poapxyz @__iyk @ENS_DAO pic.twitter.com/LbAAuxkyfM

— ensdao.eth (@ENS_DAO) October 11, 2022

ENS Cards Leaderboard

Competition was fierce to reach the top of the ENS Cards Leaderboard, which ranks who could meet the most people and mint their custom POAP by tapping their ENS card with a phone.

10 year-old ethilio.eth reached legendary status for his determination to reach the top, with several attendees stopping by the ENS booth to check his progress on the leaderboard and cheer him on throughout Devcon.

Ethilio.eth, this 7 year old was one of the highlights of this devcon! He came in without an ens name, and left with his .eth, meeting 340 ENSers in the community and thoroughly reminding us at ENS why we do what we do. pic.twitter.com/ryMkQ0HBnY

— jefflau.eth (@_jefflau) October 15, 2022

ENS ✘ IYK ✘ POAP Leaderboard

Mad respect for the last minute chaos, had a ton of fun, and look forward to next time! 😊😇 pic.twitter.com/QIFRc3OXNe

— luc.computer 🛫 AMS (@LucemansNL) October 15, 2022

Happy Hour

The ENS DAO Happy Hour was a huge hit!

A thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to making it successful! It was a pleasure to host such a great group of frENS in this city.

If you missed it, we’ll see you at the next one.:partying_face:

Huge shoutout to the DAOists and frENS who made the @ENS_DAO happy hour last night possible! pic.twitter.com/TruTJC1HMg

— coltron.eth | 🛬 🇨🇴| 🦇🔊 (@Coltron_eth) October 14, 2022

Deva Award

ENS was selected as the winner of the “Trojan Unicorn” Deva Award - an award given to an Ethereum project that maintained its founding principles even after becoming successful.

And the DEVA Award winners are…

🐴 The Trojan Unicorn: @ensdomains
🧑‍🏫 Ethereum Educator: #speedrunethereum
🦄 Cypherpunk: Nominees redacted for security purposes
💻’ Ya’ll really thought we wouldn’t’: The Merge

Congrats & thanks for all the work you do. 🎉 pic.twitter.com/YkRkhkoTZq

— Deva the Devcon Unicorn (@EFDevcon) October 14, 2022

Onboarding Events

ENS DAO organized and participated in several onboarding events during Devcon. Ecosystem Steward Validator.eth collaborated with Ethereum Honduras to host an onboarding event at a venue nearby Agorá. Fellow Ecosystem Steward Slobo.eth also participated in an onboarding event.

Onboarding events are important education initiative for our Ecosystem and lead to the proliferation of ENS Protocol in the long run. We hope to see these and more community ran events soon!

folks getting on-boarded to crypto with expert help@mateo_ventures is doing incredible job organizing along with @Irrelephantoops @ENS_DAO & @nftychat are thrilled to be part of it pic.twitter.com/LxlBDXWPFA

— slobo.eth | nfty chat | 🦇🔊 @ devcon 🇨🇴 (@AlexSlobodnik) October 12, 2022

Last night's web3, @ensdomains, @BrightIDProject onboarding event at Spotty Hostel. Over 20 participants (few not pictured) created web3 identity and learned about uses for NFT in various industries. Thanks to @ValidatorEth @ENS_DAO @EthereumHN for the support. #DevconVI pic.twitter.com/4RUnOmfCHl

— web3beach.eth 🇭🇳 at DEVCON🇨🇴 (:D, ;D) (@web3beach) October 13, 2022

:memo: Protocol Developments

State of ENS

Founder and Lead Developer of the ENS Protocol, Nick.eth, gave his first “State of ENS” presentation in over three years. Below, we highlight the growth of the protocol since 2019:

October 2019 October 2022
Integrations 34 507
Active Registrations 310,000 2,500,000
Unique Addresses 96,000 1,000,000
Registration Years 66,700 6,500,000
ENS Treasury 382 ETH 38,382 ETH

For more, check out Nick.eth’s full-length Keynote from Devcon 2022.


On October 4th, LENS Protocol announced their partnership with ENS that allows Lens data to be queried via ENS resolution. This is a utilization of EIP-3668 offchain resolution (CCIP Read) that Coinbase recently integrated as well.

CCIP Read uses a gateway service model to fetch data offchain in real-time, so you can fetch LENS text record without delay. You can now look up your LENS profile on Metamask and also look it up via the ENS Manager App, as well as several other wallets.

:desktop_computer: ENS Manager App Update

The New ENS Manager App is now live on the Goerli test network and facilitates the following:

  • Upload your avatar
  • Select NFT
  • Registration of multiple records
  • Register wrapped names
  • Burning fuses

This brings the Name Wrapper update one step closer to reality. For a more thorough breakdown, check out jefflau.eth’s thread on Twitter:

1/ The new app is finally updated to support:

- avatar upload + nft select
- registration w/ multiple records
- registering wrapped names
- burning fuses

It’s rough around the edges, but one step closer to NameWrapper mainnet deployment!

🧵 https://t.co/ET6hbgkV8d

— jefflau.eth (@_jefflau) October 13, 2022

:newspaper: Working Group News

The ENS DAO Working Groups are taking a break from weekly calls and will resume shortly after Devcon Bogotá.

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

:hatching_chick: ENS Endaoment Update

The submission period has closed. The approval period is in effect until November 7th, 2022. Proposals will be made public and stewards will begin reaching out those who have submitted after Devcon Bogotá. More information is available on our governance forum.


:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Name Wrapper

Jefflau.eth, Frontend & Solidity developer at True Names Limited announced the NameWrapper Goerli testnet launch on September 20th, 2022. The launch demonstrates a success for TNL, after over a year of research, two audits and multiple iterations on its smart contract architecture.

More information about the upcoming contract updates can be found on our governance forum.

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

:moneybag: ENS Grants

The results for the September ENS Small Grants rounds are in!

We received over 60 unique submissions this month in the Ecosystem and Public Goods rounds. Congratulations to the ten winners who will receive 1Ξ from the respective working groups. Results are available here.

Small grants runs every month - the ENS Ecosystem working group and the Public Goods working group will continue to fund rounds.

:globe_with_meridians: DAO2DAO

Be sure to follow the ENS DAO Twitter so you don’t miss any future community spotlights.

:handshake: Get Involved

:lock: Security Tip

Rule #1 - Never share your wallet seed phrase with anyone, for any reason.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market News

According to the Twitter account ENS Sales Bot, the top five .eth name sales (letters) of the past two weeks were:

  1. gigachad.eth - 16.5Ξ (~$21,400)
  2. meat.eth - 9.5Ξ (~$12,300)
  3. zkevm.eth - 9.3Ξ (~$12,000)
  4. lfg.eth & management.eth - 8Ξ (~$10,400)
  5. eleven.eth - 11,111.11 USDC

And the top five .eth name sales (numbers) were:

  1. 411.eth - 48Ξ (~$62,300)
  2. 383.eth - 45Ξ (~$58,400)
  3. 039.eth - 43.9Ξ (~$57,000)
  4. 041.eth - 38Ξ (~$49,300)
  5. 823.eth - 36.2Ξ (~$47,000)

Honorable Mentions

  1. :person_juggling:‍:female_sign:.eth - 18Ξ (~$23,400)
  2. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:.eth - 15Ξ (~$19,500)
  3. :mx_claus:t2:.eth - 10Ξ (~$13,000)
Approximate exchange rate as of October 14st, 2022.

Thank you very much for reading! Take care. :wave: