Governance Process

Want to contribute to ENS’s governance? Here are the steps.

1. Familiarise yourself with our governance process

Proposals follow three basic steps:

  1. Temperature check. Post to the worksteam’s Temp Check category to get feedback on your idea before creating a formal proposal.
  2. Draft proposal. Create a draft proposal using the proposal builder and solicit feedback on it.
  3. Active Proposal. Ask a moderator to move your mature draft to the Active Proposals category and start a vote.

Please read our complete governance process documentation before starting on your first proposal:

2. Submit the participant request form

Fill out the participant request form to gain write access to the workstream categories.

3. Participate in governance discussions

Once approved as a participant, you have write access to all of the categories on the forum. You can submit your first proposal using the proposal builder, which is the preferred format for both draft proposals and active proposals. You can also comment and reply to posts.