Governance Process

Want to contribute to ENS’s governance? Here are the steps.

1. Familiarise yourself with our governance process

Proposals follow three basic steps:

  1. Temperature check. Post to the worksteam’s Temp Check category to get feedback on your idea before creating a formal proposal.
  2. Draft proposal. Create a draft proposal by creating a new post and selecting the appropriate “Draft Proposals” subcategory. A proposal template will be populated; fill it out, submit it, and solicit feedback on it.
  3. Active Proposal. Ask a moderator to move your mature draft to the Active Proposals category and start a vote.

Please read our complete governance process documentation before starting on your first proposal:

2. Submit the participant request form

Fill out the participant request form to gain write access to the workstream categories.

3. Participate in governance discussions

Once approved as a participant, you have write access to all of the categories on the forum. You can reply to posts, create new threads, and submit draft proposals.