Having a Testnet ENS Website/DApp for Developers

Disclaimer: I am new to this space and hence my thoughts might not map accurately to reality


I am trying to build a contract which on a higher level can own my domain and issue subdomains to anyone who calls the owning contract’s X method.
I wanted to test this new owner contract and see if it can issue subdomains as expected. I wanted to know how would members of this community tests such a contract before deploying to mainnet.

My rough idea was to deploy the ENS contracts to testnet and then use the testnet ENS contract to register a test domain and then test my newly created owner contract if it is issuing subdomains as expected.


Maybe we should create a “test.ens.domains” Website/DApp where registering domains is free, domains expire in 30 days and rest of the experience remains the same. This will allow anyone to experiment and get feedback/results, which are closer to reality. This can useful not just right now, but in future too when more use cases arrive and allow external developers to build on top of ENS.

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The ENS contracts are deployed on every testnet, at the same address. If you connect to the app on a testnet, it’ll use the testnet version of the contracts.


Gotcha. Thanks for responding

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Is it more appropriate to use ens.xyz as the official website?