Hellp my account ens

Good afternoon, why none of the official representatives of ENS wants to help me with the problem
I have registered ENS domains until October 31, they are stored in my account https://app.ens.domains/ but I can’t get tokens, it’s unfair !!! the problem is that I lost access to the wallet and now I have the ense addresses, I registered them, spent money, as I helped the service develop, and so no one wants to delve into the problem and solve it at least try (((
All my ense addresses are stored in my account https://app.ens.domains/ to which I have access!

You didnt give any information to help us help you. what is the ens name registered? what is the eth address which registered them?

If these ens were registered AFTER Oct 31, 2021, then you will not receive any $ENS. If they were registered before, then you should be eligible.

I’m sorry, I understand you, I have 16 registered notifications in the first period of kupivip.eth from 2021.07.10!
please help me get tokens!)

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does https://claim.ens.domains/ not work for you? you must connect using your 0xACA50166Da792B21703c5EA67F9E273B735dBeFa wallet.

access to this wallet metamask is lost, the verification words do not fit in some word error, and therefore I can not get into the wallet !!! how can I get tokens with access only https://app.ens.domains
please help to solve this problem)

There is no help, buddy. If you dont have the private key, you cannot access them. My advice, check all your seed phrase words against this list https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt and make sure you havent a typo in one - keep trying your seed phrase in different orders, perhaps you have the right words in the wrong order?

Outside of that, there is NOTHING anyone can do for you - such is the nature of being your own bank, unfortunately.


How annoying it is, is it really impossible to create a request, I think I’m not the only one who lost access to the wallet, the more profitable the more users and holders of their currency, the more promising the price !! maybe you can create a request for this problem?))

the selection of words also tried all the correct ones, most likely the order of writing

If you could claim your ENS without your wallet, so could anyone else, so it wouldnt be there anyway as someone else would have already stolen it. There really is nothing you can do, sorry.

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But what about the account https://app.ens.domains to which only I have access, I can confirm it, because registration and management of domains happens through it !!! why can’t I get her tokens to another wallet by confirming ownership and confirming the purchase of these domain addresses, in this there is no possibility of fraud, right?)

Hi @Korotoxa

If you do not have access to your original wallet or the one linked with your account, if you lost your secret recovery phrase, we are really sorry but there is nothing we can do for you.


@Korotoxa I’d recommend opening a support ticket on the Discord if you have not already Support tickets can be opened on the Official Discord channel # :tickets: | create-a-ticket.

I can understand that this is a really unfortunate position for you to be in, but I don’t think it’s possible to arrive at the resolution you’re asking for.

It’s worth noting that community members have responded to your other posts with the same answer… If you do not have control of your wallet through private keys (your seed phrase) there is no way to prove ownership. With a non-custodial wallet you are solely responsible for your assets.

References to cross-posts: My Metamask Wallet seed phrase compromised and Still not eligible for the airdrop.