Still not eligible for the airdrop

my ens address 0xC3e4a29231B80497a2aB4397040b86C422f4a942 and my name sever renesh.eth . When i try to claim to page, I getting a error that i am not eligible for the airdrop. Please help me.


It looks like you registered your name on the 1st of December. Unfortunately the cutoff date to be eligible for the airdrop was 31 October of this year. It was given as a (surprise) retroactive reward for early users.

But I hope you will stick around here and be involved with ENS anyway!


Is there anyway to make it happen for new registrants?

There are no plans for another airdrop, but I hope that doesn’t deter you from wanting to participate in the ENS DAO community.

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Good afternoon, tell me how to participate in the distribution, if there is no access to the wallet, but there is access to the account in ens here where all my addresses are stored !?
please help to solve the problem

You will need access to the wallet that you used to register your .eth name to claim any ENS tokens you may qualify for.

I saw in another thread that you lost the password to the wallet. The only way to regain access to the wallet is with your seed recovery phrase. Never share this secret phrase with anyone. Also, make sure you are entering it into the REAL wallet. Losing control of your seed phrase means losing control of your wallet and its contents. If you have any doubt at all, do not enter it. Again, do not share this phrase with anyone. Even if they claim to want to help you.

so if I change the registrar then they will appear in the new wallet !?

No. You will need to use the wallet that you used to register the .eth domain name before 31 October 2021. Please watch this video if you need help with the process, and let me know if you have any questions.

I ask you to help me solve my problem, I registered the first address on July 10 kupivi.eth
and they are stored in my account
how can i get tokens are there any options? Please, help!!)))

Currently, kupivi.eth is not registerred to any address.

It could be that you only completed Step 1 of the registration on July 10th and did not fully register the name.

I heard they extended till may 1st.?