How are the token released?

The token are locked for 4 years, how are they released?

Take a look here: $ENS Token Allocation (Claiming Opens Nov 8) — ENS

Community Treasury

The remaining 50% of $ENS tokens is allocated to the DAO. 10% of this allocation will be available to the DAO at launch, with the remaining unlocking over 4 years. This is in addition to the ENS treasury of funds raised from .ETH name registrations that the DAO is expected to receive from the ENS root multisig.

It’s released everyday or every month?

It’s whenever the token owner calls “claim” function after 6 months cliff period (starting May 4th 2022) and gets a proportion of the unlocked amount. You can read the code at governance/TokenLock.sol at master · ensdomains/governance · GitHub

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