How can I claim my tokens? It's 72 hours after the deadline

I know it’s been 3 days past the date, but I asked 2 mods for assistance through the Discord and I got BLOCKED for no reason. I was recently in the hospital for over a month and was in a coma, so I could not claim these tokens on time. Now that I am released and almost recovered, I simply want the chance to get my tokens. Please help me out, I am receiving 0 assistance because they suspect that I am lying. I have all documentation and can prove that I am not lying. Let me know what can be done next. I simply just want to claim the 107 tokens I had. I need to contact the DAO and get ahold of my tokens again. Thank you

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I feel the pain. I didn’t find out about this airdrop until a week ago. I know, I live under a rock – but hear me out, I’m a crypto noob who doesn’t try to keep up with all the crazy happenings in this space 24/7. I was traveling at the time and didn’t have access to my wallet until today.

Sadly, it’s past the deadline! This is really discouraging because I want to get more into crypto and learn about all these awesome services but being timed-out of a significant sum of funds like this makes it hard to have the motivation to seek out and explore other things in this space.

It would be really awesome if there’s a way to propose a community vote for a grace period where people like me (and OP) can claim their airdrop.

You cannot claim your tokens - the claim period is over.

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