How do I return the ETH I bought when I have several domain names that are about to expire?

As the title. Can I return the domain name I bought with ETH in 2017? It should expire in August. Do I need to renew before returning? How to return.

For me it’s also pretty unclear, but I have found the steps below. Maybe these will help you:

Go to
In “Select Existing Contract”, choose “ENS: ETH Registrar (Auction)”.
Click “Access”.
Under “Select a function”, choose “releaseDeed”.
Go to and enter your ENS domain name in the search box. Copy the “labelHash” value and paste it into the “_hash” field in MyCrypto’s interface.
Unlock your Ethereum account in MyCrypto using whatever method you usually use.
Click “Write”.
In the popup, enter 300000 in the “Gas Limit” box and click “Generate Transaction”.
Click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”
Wait for your transaction to be mined.

I transfered Ether in 2017 with MyEtherWallet. I see in MEW I can renew the domains, but I would like to get back my Ether instead. How does this work exactly?

If you don’t do anything, the names will be “released” on 2nd Aug and anyone else can get the name.You should still be able to get your deposit (which you locked back i 2017), by visiting the name page you own at ap and click “Claim”. Please make sure that you connect to wallet/metamask with the account you registered with(aka deed owner). You won’t be able to see the “Claim” button unless you connect via deed owner account.

I’ve registered through MEW. I see only this option:

Do I need to click ‘return deed’?

I can see on Etherscan I paid much more than this (0.5 ether). I should get that amount back then, right?

I suggest you raise the case with as ENS team doesn’t manage their site.

will do, thanks for the help