How might .eth names be used for instant communication or email in the future?

Does anyone have anything that they can share related to how .eth names may be integrated with chat/messaging tools or email capabilities? It seems inevitable that if an .eth name is your identity that can be brought with you anywhere in Web3 that there should also be an easy way to communicate privately beyond discord or twitter? Can someone share some developments that are happening in this space?

3 Likes is already using ens names for email. The experience is a bit clunky but I know they are working on enhancements. You can use the service without giving up any personal info which is nice.


Thank you for sharing this! I am interested to see how many more will pop up and win in this space.

I should also mention which has made great progress towards decentralized notifications. In fact, I believe the service could be used to notify when ENS names get close to expiration. EPNS could potentially be a key foundational building block of web 3 just like ENS. I am not an expert on the service just sharing my initial understanding.


This is also helpful thank you!

One more…I just learned of the inb0x project. It allows use of ens to send emails as well.
Engineering inb0x. End-to-end encrypted wallet-to-wallet… | by Parallel | Parallel Life | Dec, 2021 | Medium