How to make my .ETH domain anonymous?

It is currently registered with my main wallet. I want to transfer it to a new account and not show it came from my main wallet. Is that possible?

It is not possible only if it exists im Tornado cash for ens domains, as ens domains is easy to read as soon as it appears in the next account the blockchain will know that it came from your account. Even using a relay bridge like the Tornado cash…

Short answer: impossible

Once I register the domain, how can I transfer or delete ownership?
Unlike .eth permanent registrar, there is no notion of registrant which can transfer the ownership of the controller. If you want to transfer the ownership to any address other than currently registered address, please update the corresponding DNS record from your DNS manager and click “Transfer” from our ENS manager.

We currently haven’t enabled the ability to delete the ownership. Having said that, you can achieve the same effect if you set the owner record to a= 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 then click “Transfer” from the ENS manager.

Change the main wallet maybe is your only choice

That wouldnt really make sense. It is on chain forever that your current address owned it. ENS is an NFT, it will always be traceable back to your current address that owns it, not even can change that.

Thanks for the reply. I guess a fake auction on Opensea would be the best way to make it look like it’s not yours anymore when transferring to a new address.

That may not be as effective as you think. Best scenario is tornado funds to a new account and re-identify.

2nd best, would be to just tornado most funds off and stop using the current acct for anything but identity.

unfortunately the two are tied forever and an opensea sell or two (or 3 or 10) will not change that nor fool anyone other than a cursory glancer.