How to use Trust Wallet for ENS .eth registration

To use a trust wallet for your ENS .eth registration, you must ensure the trust wallet page is always open to confirm transactions.

Otherwise, the request buttons and registration may seem unresponsive. It is active but effective after confirming within your trust wallet to advance and complete the registration.

I hope this helps with many inquiries out there.

Enjoy the ride

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Have noticed users with wallets minimized on a mobile, sometimes won’t have signing transaction pop up. Thanks for this heads up to the community.

Also, if you click confirm on your wallet, if the ENS App does not yet show “pending tx” on Step 3, check to make sure Etherscan is showing a pending transaction. If it is refresh the ENS App and it will recognize you’ve pressed Register on the last step. Otherwise you may be sending multiple requests to the blockchain. Check first for anything pending when these kinds of problems come up before confirming on the wallet multiple times.