Huawei launched Metaverse alliance together with Web3 domains

“…Huawei and DeepBrainChain jointly established the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance to establish an in-depth cooperative relationship and jointly serve the Metaverse industry…”

What the dinosaur is EDNS Domains?!

UPDATE: :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: :smirk:

I wouldn’t be surprised if EDNS stands for Electronic DNS. That’d be awesome!

My guess is that they are just trying to capitalize on the momentum of people willing to speculate on and trade domains. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ in politics == ‘Never let a good hype train go to goblin town’ in web3.

But man… politics is getting strong in web3 space with all these groups and alliances and collectives and whatnot…


I’ve got loads of EDNS names

They send them out for free

Check on your OpenSea hidden folder, they will be there

They are copies of your ENS names

.meta & .web3 for me

Question for me is, how on earth did EDNS get into this and ENS didn’t ???


I’d bet on these figures having been used to pump EDNS,

but in fact, they are prob made up mainly of the names they have sent out for free to ENS holders

It seems that this is Polygon’s brainchild, so they are just part of Polygon’s agenda. Polygon in turn is driving Huawei’s agenda.

Last time I checked everything is electronic here :smirk:

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I have a bundle of EDNS as well which were all airdropped into my wallets back in 2021

I have never interacted with them, nor know what to do with them haha! :woozy_face:

Same here, I’ve just left them in the hidden folder, the number has gone up and down as I think they only gave free rego for a year to try and get people in to renew them to keep them

They basically used ENS to airdrop people a load of names for free on the hope that they would renew them