I have unclaimed ENS am I the only one here?

My cold wallet was unreachable while i was traveling the past year, I came now to claim my ENS and I noticed that ENS DAO governance token airdrop has now officially ended :confused:


Wow there is 5.4M unclaimed ENS tokens


We had made it clear the airdrop would last six months and we tried our best to remind people the deadline was approaching. The goal of the drop if for active governance: any tokens that were stale for the whole period would probably not participate in governance either…

However the airdrop tokens aren’t gone, just back to the DAO and can be used by anything the community wants. I personally would like to see it being taken aside to initiatives that further distribute it again to people, like the Protocol’s guild initiative that airdrop app tokens to underpaid core developers that build the things we rely on.

You can always create a proposal on the forum to figure a group worthy of the airdrop, yourself including.


It was voted to end on this proposal: [EP11] [Executable] End the $ENS and EP2 airdrops - ENS Documentation

Sorry it has ended for you. You’re always welcome to create some proposal, but it would also need to go to vote.

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