I really believe in ENS' future so i just purchased 2651 ENS tokens. what can i do?

Not looking to sell them for a few years as i think this team and project has a bright future but also wondering can i vote using my tokens? i have my tokens on an exchange currently so id like to use them somehow… someone smart give me some tips. thanks.


The tokens represent a say in the governance, through the DAO, pertaining to the operations of ENS. You can find more information here: Welcome to ENS DAO - ENS Documentation or you can simply click oon Docs above.


Welcome, and congrats on your $ENS purchase!

You can either self-delegate or delegate your voting power to another individual on Tally.

If your tokens are held on a centralized exchange like Coinbase, you’ll need to transfer them to another wallet (not on a centralized exchange) before you can interact with them on WithTally.

Note: 2651 tokens is a considerable amount. Please make sure you’re using good security practices and never share your seed phrase. I would personally split them up, hold them in a hardware and/or multisig wallet. If this is all foreign to you, we can point you to well-known and reputable sources of information.

If you chose to delegate, a list of delegates can be found here: ENS DAO Delegate Applications. If you can’t vote or do not have time to stay up to date on topics, this may be a good option. Delegations can be changed at anytime and they do not affect the tokens in your wallet, only your voting power.

Other easy ways to get involved and stay informed

  • Buy an Ethereum Name.
  • Set your primary ENS name as your wallet address.
  • Join the Discord.
  • Tweet!
  • Stay up to date on the Governance Forum (you're here already!).
  • Lend any skills and expertise through involvement w/the DAO.
  • See more references: https://docs.ens.domains/v/governance/