I wonder if the "ens" domain is safe. Please answer me

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Please look at the picture I posted first.~~

I wonder if the “ens” domain is safe for this.
It seems to be a big issue for JavaScript-speaking institutions, banks, and weak security.

“ens documentation -->Deploying ENS on a Private Chain” shows that you use JavaScript.

So I leave a message on the bulletin board.
“ens”. Are they safe?

People don’t believe in Ethereum’s security.

Thank you for reading through. :grinning: :grinning:

Ill take the time to say “ENS” is not vulnerable.



Thank you for mentioning this. However the exploit effects Java, which is different than JavaScript.


Oh, I see. Thank you. I understood. Then, “ens” means that it’s safe.~~
If there’s anything I know wrong, please answer it.

Thank you! I believe so, too. Have a happy day.