I would like to buy a domain.eth but it's already owned


I’m interested by this project, I find it highly interesting. I would love to acquire a domain that’s already registered but not used. I can see that the owner bought it for speculation (because of the other names in the wallet).

Is there a way to reach the owner, to ask for the domain ?


Hi Hermes!

Through ENS isn’t possible. All is decentralised and we don’t have any details/power over domains and owners.
You could send them a transaction on the blockchain with a message encrypted in it.
There are several tutorials available on how to do it.
Here is one, for example

However, be beware of the fact that it is a publicly visible transaction. So maybe make a burner mail/contact adress for it.

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Thanks for your detailed help on that !

Is it technically possible to add a feature to exchange private messages with the owner in this DAO ?
If so, would it be interesting to make a request for this feature ?

Thinking of it, there sort of already is a function to contact people who want to be found.
In the app.ens.domains some identities have set contact details in their records. For instance, check Nicks ENS page, he has set his mail adress and other details there:

Nicks ENS Details Page

Is the wallet using an ENS name? Maybe the contact details are on the ENS page.
You mentioned that the account had multiple names registered, maybe one of those names is (the main and) in our Discord server :wink: .

Enjoy the search! And welcome again!

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Go to opensea.io it’s there. I’m sure they are looking to sell to the luxury retailer. owner’s address is there.


They bought it for WETH 2.3122, about 9,000 USD


Should’ve known it was about that name. :sweat_smile:
Best of luck then.

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My pseudonym is costly :roll_eyes:

What are some quality newsletter, twitter or websites that you use to keep an eye on new “quality” projects such as this one ?

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I hope you succeed.
Please post the results on the bulletin board.
I’m curious.

hermes.eth is owned by a squatter, looking to sell it to the luxury brand retailer, Hermes.

Well it’s beyond my budget :upside_down_face:.
I would need an investor / donator to advance the fund so I can acquire it.

But what’s the point of having a new “domain extension” like this one if it reproduce the same dynamics as .com and others extensions ?

Is he an illegal owner?
I think it’s true that he also paid for it and purchased it first.
I hope it’ll be resolved well.

Illegal would be a violation of governmental law, so no. ENS doesn’t have a rule against squatters and it would be difficult to enforce.

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