Ideas for upcoming ETHGlobal NFT hack weekend

ENS is sponsoring some prizes for the upcoming ETHGlobal NFT hack weekend

We have a list of hack ideas maintained at ENS Hackathon idea - Google Sheets but let us know if there’s any wish lisst/ideas (especially NFT related) .


Can we submit ideas here in this thread?

sure, you can submit an idea here

I am going to be hacking. If anyone wants to join up let me know! My project is called Gether, a protocol for social staking, whereby for any type of gathering people are required to mint a Gether token with some value that can later be burnt and the value returned.

I am interested in using Polygon, in order to keep the fees as low as possible. I would love to use subdomains of .eth for the tokens, but it might be to early to do it. Maybe I will simply integrate ENS into the dapp for an ENS tie in.

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I am not sure this is appropriate for the NFT Hack. But Here is a NFT concept that incorporates ENS.

I. Create a ENS NFT Fundraiser Portal /UI / DApp. (It would be similar to a Go Fund Me but for Web3 with censorship resistance, on IPFS, utilizing SIWE, deployable internationally, and available to any person in need anywhere in the world with a cellphone and a crypto wallet)

II. Participants & Roles

  1. Up and Coming Creators (Digital Artists, Audio /Performing Artists, Video, Writers, Other Content) would donate a limited quantity of content that can be minted for fundraising campaigns. Additional commissioned content would be available only from the posting artists for custom campaign work. The primary focus would be minting an NFT for use in the Fundraising Banner or Avatar. The artist gets exposure and a very small optional commission off of each sold subdomain (or future resell).

  2. ENS Domains and subdomains.
    ENS .eth name to be created for the charity and subdomains(issued to those donating) to be created the individual donors. (Fundraiser ENS name is Afghaniwomen.eth For example the first donor is Emily. Emily will receive the subdomain Emilysupports.Afghaniwomen.eth or whatever the contract or she decides)

  3. Grassroots Fundraising Donors - Get a cool fundraiser NFT that includes a .eth name, avatar, NFT content that shows they support and they can use as an email signature block or social media post to spread the word and show off the cool .eth name and NFT as their certificate of support.

  4. The Person or entity in needs get the support they desperately need.

III. How it works for an entity/individual creating a fundraising campaign.
a) Fundraiser creator Visits the UI and begins by selecting and purchasing the ENS name for their cause. (For example : AfghaniWomen.eth)
b) Fundraiser creator selects from a menu of smart contract templates that will define and manage the parameters of the fundraising campaign.
c) Fundraiser creator selects a NFT Avatar as the Banner that will be used for the fundraiser or commissions an artist or additional artists from the pool.
d) Fundraiser creator selects from the participating artist pool or solicits additional NFT Art content that would be added to the NFT as locked Metadata. These would be surprise songs, art, poems, videos only unlockable/ revealed to the fundraising campaign donors (purchasers of subdomains) Possibly even surprise appearances or voice recordings. Actual ownership rules would be set by the artists and included in the contract. For example, song only plays so many times and then has to be purchased or disappears.
e) Fundraiser completes the fundraiser description, the need and selects the parameters, address to be donated to etc.
f) Fundraiser creator launches the campaign and donors begin buying their subdomains and receive their .eth name, NFT, content to spread the word to others to continue raising funds for the program period.
g) person need gets help
Its just a concept that would be cool and I have no idea how this would be built. Mahalo!

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