Identify and pool together all key developers in adjacent ecosystems

Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, I really don’t know why we are not doing this yet.

So we have all those integrations in place, is anyone running list of all people who are responsible for ENS integration within any given project?

My initial idea was to literary get a list of people, get in touch with them, establish friendly rapport and very nicely, very cordially invite them to discord and forum. Give them a role, so they can immediately see each other.

ENS is looking to become a global service provider, as such it must be liaising very tightly with community of developers. But it’s not just “one point” interaction, where ENS talks with developers, provided we can get them together then it will be community of engineers who among other things also implemented ENS integration in some shape or form.

Get several engineers talking with each other from various backgrounds
expose that dialogue to ENS community
suddenly new project idea is born! :sunglasses: