If I run an Eth node can I make my ENS domain resolve to .eth instead of .eth.link

I am very interested in creating a decentralised website that resolves strictly to my .eth domain with out any added suffixes( I.E. eth.link or eth.limo) . Does anyone know how/if/when that will be possible? Also if I run my own eth node will that allow me to resolve to .eth ? thank you

It is possible currently with the Brave browser, and also with the Metamask browser extension, but for anyone to use your .eth domain without needing to use a special browser or extension is not possible currently I don’t believe. Everything You Can Do With Your ENS Name Right Now | by brantly.eth | The Ethereum Name Service | Medium

You could host and serve your .eth extended web site by using IPFS and ENS

Need to use a pinning service like Pintra

Then your ipfs hosted and pinned web site link “ipfs.io/ipfs/…” should be added to ens text records section “content”

without “.link” extension, should use Brave browser for now

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Running your own eth node is nothing to do with resolving .eth.
We can resolve .eth in any browser without .link/.limo suffix once we obtain .eth top level domain through ICANN (which I am aware that we are working on).

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