If someone steals your .ETH domain

Well one of my Domain names was stolen with one of my NFTs… Before I was able to block and secure my wallet. Coinwarp.ETH is the domain I lost . Anyone know what can be done…?

buy it back?


@asset_reality They can help you, try this first.


Unfortunately nothing can be done. Since ENS is a decentralized service governed by a trustless smart contract, there are no administrative controls and no one has the power to take ENS names from other people’s wallets.

You’d have to reach out to the owner of the wallet it’s currently in and see if they’d be willing to transfer it back.

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Thanks for all the input… my ETH peps… I’m still trying to contact the person who stole it so I can buy it from them but they won’t get back to me… I’m still the controller for it “coinwarp.eth” and the wallet that has it right now it the one who hacked me and stole it… They can’t do anything with it because CoinWarp is a registered trade mark ownd by CoinWarp, Inc. So if anyone knows the owner of the wallet that has it please let then know I’ll buy it from them… No questions asked

In any case you haven’t already tried it etherscan has a wallet-to-wallet chat feature. However, if the wallet isn’t active (has it had any transactions recently?) it might be difficult.

You can also create picture containing a message and make an NFT out of it and send it to their wallet (You can do this on OpenSea for example)

You can also make offers on marketplaces for it even if it isn’t listed.