I'm looking for good reasons not to sell my ENS airdrop

Hi everyone. I have received a juicy airdrop from ENS.

I am doubting whether to sell fully or partially but I have no real knowledge of the project and reason to think that the price should increase.

From what little I have been able to find out, it is a governance token that has been created to decentralize ENS and replace the multisig 4 out of 7 system, I understand that and I find it interesting from a deccentralization point of view.

But from an investment point of view I am not clear why there will be people who want to have this token and that there will be demand for the one that causes the price to increase over time. Participating in the governance of ENS does not seem like something that can attract investors, it does not bring any benefit to anyone. Maybe I’m wrong, (that’s why the thread title)

From my humble investor logic I have not sold yet because many people will be doing it just claiming the airdrop and it is logical to think that the selling pressure must be strong and therefore it is not a good time to sell. On the other hand, I see that the price has some buying pressure around $ 40 and that is because there are investors who want the token, which gives me some optimism regarding the future evolution of the price.

As I have said before, my knowledge does not understand why there are people who want and who will want to own ENS tokens. Surely there will be many reasons that I have not been able to see and that is why I ask.

Thank you very much in advance for your comments.


I cannot give you investment advice. If you like ENS and want to have a say in the future of the protocol, you hodl. If you do not want to have a voice, you can sell your ENS and simply be a user. $ENS is not meant to be a financial token - its simply a governance token that was given to you to support ENS as an early user.

The idea is that early users understand the importance of ENS and thus are more invested in the idea and better positioned to make important decisions than web3 users who have never used the protocol.

The only reason $ENS has value is because some users who didnt receive any airdrop want to be a part of the protocol decision making power, or those who received airdrop want more.

On the flip side, the reason there is $ENS for users to buy is because some users who received the airdrop do not wish to take on that responsibility, or simply dont see the value in it.

Which one you are depends on you! Best of luck.


Thanks for your answer.

To receive my ENS airdrop I have had to delegate to a person I do not know, I do not know what their values ​​are or their qualities, preparation or intentions. There has not been a presentation of each candidate to decide. I could also have delegated myself but that would be ridiculous since my vote would be irrelevant.

Therefore, although I really like ENS and register several names without suspecting that this aidrop would arrive, I have no intention of participating in any voting and I trust that those who do it will do well.

Simply, although it may not be aesthetic to say it here, what interests me is the money that may be worth my ENS in the future.

Thanks again for your response and I hope someone can give me their vision from the investment point of view.



I agree the claim UI could’ve been better, such is the case on a pioneer run, lol. They’re blazing the way for dao drops and lessons were learned. There was a great twitter thread about it.

That said, there is definitely a presentation of each candidate. It just wasnt made as readily available as it should’ve been in the claim process.


I sold half of mine and deeply regret it. Take the time to learn more before you make a decision and do what’s best for you. Best wishes!

Thanks for your answer.

I have reviewed your transaction and I see that you have sold half of your tokens $ 73.33

At this moment it is trading below that price, if you deeply regret it now you could buy back


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