Increase media presence

We need to increase media presence. With rising ETH prices and dencun upgrade uproaching, our media presence is not high enough. People need to see examples where custom wallet name would benefit them.


Twitter/X posts should be at a minimum of 1 per day, preferably 2 or 3 times. Our twitter community is very large and we need to be constantly present. They make choices every day where to invest, and crypto market is so dynamic it’s hard to comprehend. That means hyperactive presences is a must so that people invest in ENS more and more each day. We also need more podcast. I recommend weekly podcast as a must!

Some payed marketing on Facebook and Twitter should also be done. Part of the revenue should go to that on a monthly basis.

ENS is the future of web3 and we need to push as hard as we possibly can so that we grow proportionally to overall eth and crypto market growth.

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With GoDaddy integration / Vitalik specifically mentioning ENS isn’t media presence through the roof already as it is?


some of the recent coverage for you