Introducing Blocktrend: Leading Chinese Web3 Media to ENS

About Blocktrend (區塊勢)

Blocktrend is the most trusted and consistently productive independent media outlet in the Chinese-speaking world, specializing in Web3 content. With seven years of operation, we have produced 600 original articles and 250 in-depth podcast interviews. Our platform includes the most listened-to Web3 podcast in Chinese and a newsletter with 16,000 subscribers. Our readers often share that Blocktrend has been a guiding presence, helping them grow, enter the crypto space, and find jobs. We are not about teaching people to get rich quickly but about providing a stable, school-like presence in the Chinese-speaking world.

Recent ENS Content Highlights

  1. YouTube Tutorial on Domain-Wallet Binding: We recently produced a YouTube tutorial guiding users on how to link their domain names to wallet addresses via GoDaddy. This type of demonstrative content helps our readers understand and practically engage with domain and wallet management. Watch here

  2. Podcast Episode with TWNIC Chairman: One of our recent podcast episodes features the Chairman of TWNIC, the DNS governing body in Taiwan. In this episode, he explains the workings of DNS and shares his insights on ENS, offering our audience a deep understanding of these systems. Listen here.

  3. Podcast Episode with ENS Founding Engineer Jeff Lau: We also invited Jeff Lau, the founding engineer of ENS, to discuss the history, use cases, and the latest developments of ENS v2. This is the first time the ENS team has produced a podcast in Chinese, and we plan to frequently invite Jeff to share updates with our Chinese readers. Watch here.

  4. Early Introduction to ENS: As early as 2019, Blocktrend published articles introducing ENS and encouraging our readers to register their domain names. This was the first comprehensive ENS introduction in the Chinese-speaking community. Read here.

  5. Devcon6 Insights from imToken Chief Scientist: During Devcon6, we invited imToken Chief Scientist Chen Changwu to share his observations on the integration of ENS with credentials from Huobi. This podcast episode received a lot of positive feedback from our audience. Listen here.

Our Commitment and Engagement with ENS

Blocktrend has been quietly but diligently producing high-quality content for the Web3 community. We are currently participating in the ENS Small Grants voting and will continue to engage in future selections. We hope that Chinese readers and global Web3 builders who support localized content will support us with ENS voting.

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