Introducing TKN.eth: ENS's Native Token Database

Introducing TKN

ENS’s native public good, onchain token database

We’re pleased to announce TKN here on the ENS forums! TKN is an effort to further decentralize the DeFi stack by creating an onchain token list, token tracker, and swap interface. It runs on ENS and benefits from ENS’s integrations and tooling.

TKN Whitepaper

Please spend a few minutes to read the whitepaper! We’ve added some illustrations and animations to make it enjoyable. This announcement is a request for comment, and we won’t consider TKN launched without the ENS community’s input and feedback.

Decentralizing the token namespace

Access to the humble $TICKER symbol is crucial to helping underprivileged developers across the globe access capital and resources. Now is the time to create a transparent, predictable, and decentralized ticker protocol to ensure that decentralized finance stays decentralized.

Lego Group 15300w

The token list is an overlooked point of centralization in the crypto stack. TKN is our effort toward creating a public good for the entire crypto ecosystem, and eventually all of finance. We’re also committed to adopting and advancing the most cutting edge features of the ENS tech stack. Furthermore, TKN intends to act as a living example of ENS’s power to host other protocols.


SWP is the companion product to TKN. SWP allows direct token swaps with no UI required. For example: send ETH to dai.swp.eth and the contract will send $DAI back to your address in the same transaction. We’ve published four initial swaps: usdc.swp.eth, usdt.swp.eth, dai.swp.eth, and wbtc.swp.eth that you can use today, with more on the way.

TokenDao Governance Bootstrap

In addition to the TKN whitepaper, today we’re bootstrapping the TokenDao, and community governance. All active participants on the ENS forums, GitHub organization, and top 250 $ENS holders should be eligible to claim a share of TokenDao governance. If you were somehow overlooked, please DM us.

TKN :purple_heart: ENS

TKN is an effort to contribute to the ENS protocol and help accelerate it’s development and adoption. TKN aspires to serve as a feedback loop and acclerant for new ENS features. In addition to the ENSDAO’s technical merits, we hope to emulate it’s culture of inclusiveness.

Thank you all,


This is one of the coolest pieces of infrastructure I’ve seen built to date.

SWP will make it a lot easier for users looking to quickly swap ETH for other tokens.

It’s great to see a team that has been building in the shadows and pretty much has a completed protocol already live.

Even the explorer is live and pretty smooth.

Fantastic work!


I am impressed by what I have seen by token name service(TKN.eth) building an amazing solution that makes life easier for not just old users onchain but also to the new users onchain.

This amazing solution will also help prevent alot of people losing their asset due to scams

I just want to first of all congratulate the team for achieving this.

Headless swap was so smooth and easy to use when swapping to USDC.

The ease of use will promote mass adoption because new users simply need to type in the name as opposed to trying to swap through an exchange or metamask.

I am looking forward to supporting this project every way I can.

Reading through the white paper I see a very bright future for TKN.eth and I would like to be part of that amazing journey.

Keep up the good work guys :+1:

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Cool idea, but its maintaining seems to us to be dubious:

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Several years ago, there was a similar service called defi777, but not sure if it still work well.

This name was renewed just now.