Introducting Wildfire DAO (Public Goods WG) to ENS

GM ENS Community (@nick.eth @slobo.eth @carlosdp @alisha.eth), I would like to introduce you to Wildfire DAO, an extension of Fire Eyes :fire:_​:fire:, which was created by James Waugh, Coopahtroopa, 0xLucas, and gladstonecallum, all of whom were involved in DAOs since its inception.

Fire Eyes :fire:_​:fire: pioneered the playbook for DAO collaboration and governance participation, demonstrating a vital role in the launches of ENS, Gitcoin, and SuperRare, as well as play a consistently active role in a number of projects across web3, and are governance stewards for Aave, Balancer, and Rocket Pool. In order to scale these contributions, Wildfire DAO was created.

Wildfire DAO is a meta-governance initiative to connect and align community members from across the ecosystem, creating community-focused working groups to tackle token design, governance and coordination problems in an open and collaborative manner. Wildfire avoids the formation of governance silos that exist within protocols and sees the forest through the trees by acting as a diplomatic meta-governance layer between them. Over time, Wildfire aims to build up a workforce that helps projects design governance architecture, tokenomics, and construct a system that properly aligns incentives for each protocol. The Wildfire DAO will take responsibilities associated with:

  • Connecting with the core teams/contributors on a recurring basis, further strengthening a project’s core contributors to their community.
    Writing proposals to participate in governance through the creation, discussion and execution of projects with core teams.
  • Updates to the wider Wildfire network regarding product updates, governance proposals and general strategy.
  • Participation in community calls and project communications to ensure Wildfire is represented in all communication for a given category.
  • Internal governance to improve the processes used within FE and Wildfire to remain on the bleeding edge of experimentation.
  • Working alongside new projects to empower Wildfire squads to design & participate in the emerging projects.

As representatives of Wildfire, specifically the Public Goods Working Group, we are seeking to join your community to provide valuable input and direction, when possible, and aid in the building/fostering of (organization/protocol) mission and long-term roadmap. We wish to contribute in a meaningful manner that provides demonstrable results and gives quality feedback. As a DAO, we adhere to a strict web3 ethos of openness, community driven, and collaborative approach as our guiding values, and seek to provide this value to your community.

At Wildfire DAO we believe believe deeply in what ENS is building, ENS is ensuring that the internet’s first decentralized naming system and its infrastructure is owned by a community focused on doing good.

Myself (keneeze.eth) will be the Public Goods Operator primarily connecting with ENS, already I jump up on the ENS Steward calls that @slobo.eth moderates weekly, I am looking forward to actively contributing to the ENS Community along with other members of the Wildfire DAO Public Goods Working Group.

keneeze.eth :fire:_​:seedling: (Wildfire DAO, Public Goods Operator)


I look forward to seeing what we get done!

Just as an FYI, it’s very possible for the Wildfire network public goods pod to join any ENS working group as a member (ie. This would allow an entire group of Wildfire researchers to more actively participate in ENS DAO activities.

Of course, this requires social consensus and agreement from the community, but thought it was worth pointing out the power of pods!


I’m excited to see you at the call today. I have to admit thou that I’m not 100% sure I understand exactly what you’re proposing. Is it a like a DAO personal assistant?



Basically the entire Wildfire Public Goods Pod would collectively join and participate in the ENS Public Goods Pod through Orca Pod technology, you can think of us a contributor that supports ENS at all points, because our contribution is not reliant on just one person, you can always count on Wildfire to turn up and contribute.

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Without mincing words, this sounds like just another way of siphoning money off ‘Public Goods’ narrative. Can you provide examples of delivered value by Wildfire DAO so far in the DAO space?

Is this the same ‘count on Wildfire’ promise that your founder James made before getting elected as a Steward and then conveniently disappearing after elections never to be seen again…? What does ‘turn up and contribute’ mean?


Can you give a few words on Orc Pod technology?

I also didn’t understand the proposal to be honest. Is it assistant (but in what exactly?), or is it lobbying for something?


Basically we’re trying to support the ENS Public Goods WG by leveraging the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our Public Goods Operators, so think of an entire DAO contributing to a Working Group collectively.


Honestly I am not aware that the Founder Blockchain James engaged with ENS in this way, I am simply fulfilling my role as a Public Goods Operator, I can confidently say that there is no intention to siphon funds in the name of Public Goods as you are implying.
The DAO literally just started operations and we are in the process of providing value across the ecosystem, it would be unfair to shoot down an entire community before they even had the chance to prove themselves, I do not think you should hold the community accountable for Jame’s actions with ENS.


Could we schedule a DAOwide breakdown of Orca and how pods facilitate work amongst Working Groups? Feels like a good time to do it with Term 2 starting this Friday. Orca seems really promising, I just haven’t been able to understand it fully.


Absolutely! Would be happy to jump on a call with stewards to better educate how they can best use pods.


At least you are now aware of the reputation that your founder has set for your organisation. I hope you’ll be a refreshing change.

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Ah great, looking forward. Joined the Orca Discord too and going to introduce myself there in a bit. Cheers!

do you have a website, discord, or someplace where people could go to learn more about your community/DAO and who currently is a member of it?


Glad to have you with us!


@keneeze.eth did you see my request for more info?

Hi Dame, I am the new public goods operator for Wildfire DAO.
Yes we do have a discord channel for our community.
Here’s the link - Wildfire DAO
If you have any other questions i’d be happy to answer them.