Is the Ethereum meeting at 16:00 every Thursday?

I opened my email today and found 4 meeting invitations, but I’m sorry I missed all of them, because the mailbox I logged in requires a VPN to access in China, so my use of email is not very high, but today I found out After this meeting, I included the email as a reminder to ensure that I would not miss it next time.
At the same time, I also remind more ENS DAO members to check your emails and don’t miss the meeting like me. :joy:


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :joy: Id consider this tidbit of information noteworthy. Not just for Ethereum, but in general. haha.

Because of the lack of communication between DAO members, I don’t even know that there are more Chinese members besides me, nor do I know that members will receive emails for meetings. I will communicate the information I know to Chinese users because the whole As far as DAO is concerned, some members have superb IT technology, some members are social celebrities, and each member has their own outstanding abilities, and we are doing something corresponding to the real world to spread the influence of ENS and build the ecosystem. , Not every member is a programmer or economist. We should have the resources of most industries in the world. This is the meaning of DAO’s existence. :crazy_face:

Something tells me that lack of communication isnt an issue.