ISO Standards for DAO group digital information interchange

ISO standard 20022 for Digital information interchange for say remittance transactions using XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) ; a format.

The format for financial digital information interchange is easily altered and say remittance transactions are included in the document and recorded using the XML format which is easily extended. LOL man I’m high

Anyhow, DAO’s operating on blockchains like ethereum using decentralised services such as Chainlink, are likely to require Onchain subordinancy into agile yet group and cross chain standards such as CCIP (Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol) which work towards Circular Economy protocols forward looking.

What’s important is that the tool DAO’s use, is designed by the people, by information which is tested and avoids a closed garden where dev work Onchain building open source ecosystems Onchain, cooperation on issues such as Data Governance and socially efficient levels of emissions accounted to developing nations held to those new age carbon restraints running nodes… I go on when PoW consensus comes to mind…

DAO’s need some ISO standards.

I’m proposing ENS working groups get involved In offering a public comment to what will eventually be an ISO event much like how Trademarks now list NFT’s since their existence is disrupting the music production industry and art industry.

Australian Standards is the Australian member for the creation of ISO standards.

Your countries member can be found here:

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