Issue Registering Ethereum Domains on Sedo

Hi all, I have a question regarding selling my domains on Sedo.

Sedo ask that I update my domain records with a personal verification code they gave me. I have 21 domains so the gas fee would be above $700 do to this.

They say this in their email:

''We kindly ask you to choose one of the following Verification methods to verify your domains:

The Domain Self-Verification allows you to speed up the verification process and to prove ownership of your domains at any time. Simply add your personal Domain Ownership Verification ID to your domain’s DNS information at your registrar, like in the following link

Another possibility for you is to forward the DNS Server of the domain to NS1.SEDOPARKING COM and NS2.SEDOPARKING COM (see “Park Domains” at You are not obligated to maintain Sedo´s Name Servers. Once you passed the verification stage you can switch back to your name servers.

Since the process of adding a TXT record and/or changing a domain’s name server differs in each registrar, we kindly ask you to contact your registrar directly for a detailed description on how to either add a TXT record, change the name servers or to ask if a Bulk editing option is possible.

Please be informed that there are no other options we can offer you at the moment.’’

Is there any way I can bulk update my records and avoid paying the $700 gas fee so I can list my domains on Sedo? Is there another easier way to do this?

Many Thanks!

Hi, are your names DNS tlds (eg, luxe, kred, xyz), or .eth? If the latter, you can update text record directly from but you can only update record per domain. If the former, the record update process is delegated to each tld. We can try to get in touch with TLD registrar but we have no internal knowledge of how they update record.

Thanks makoto, my domains are all .eth

I can see that I can update the text record directly, however, each requires a fee.

Is that just the way it is?

Thanks again for your help.

To update the text record on ENS (hence on Ethereum Blockchain), you need to pay the gas and that’s the way it is until our L2 solutions in place. Having said that are they actually asking you to update the Text record on ENS, not DNS TXT record?

You should check with Sedo what the correct process is; an ENS Text record is not the same as a DNS TXT record, and they may have a separate process for ENS domains.

They are asking I update the TXT records and asked that I contact the registrar to do so… I am a bit lost.

Thank arachnid, they say that the above is the correct process but I am not sure that they know how works.