Issue subdomains for the community from ENS.eth

I have a proposal that I think could be really cool and will help showcase the power of the Name Wrapper. What if ENS issues subdomains to the community from our ENS.eth TLD?

Here’s how it could work: ENS would open up a limited number of subdomains to the community, for free or for a small fee, and allow them to create their own custom subdomain using the ENS.eth TLD as the base. For example, if our ENS domain is “mydao.eth”, a community member could create a subdomain like “community.mydao.eth” or “projects.mydao.eth” to showcase their work or project.

This would not only show off the Name Wrapper feature how it works and how powerful it can be for creating custom domains, but it would also allow the DAO to engage with the community and highlight their projects and initiatives. Plus, it could be a fun and creative way to show off the capabilities of ENS and generate buzz around the ecosystem.

I believe that by issuing subdomains to the community, the DAO can foster a sense of community and collaboration among ENS users.

So what do you say?


For me, it’d be fun to have cap.ens.eth as I’m sure it would be for other community members but I think those subnames are reserved for the ENS Labs team and team members and contracts and so forth. So maybe some other ENS name but I doubt it. Setting up a way to issue free subnames on the same website where you sell .eth names is kinda conflicting.

And when it comes to subname issuance and management, there are different ecosystem projects working on multiple solutions like selling, renting, and managing subnames in a variety of ways and for different purposes/use cases. So yea, soon, you’ll have the ability to do all of this.

I like the idea of commemorating the NameWrapper birth/launch with a time-bound subname collection of sorts but the same can be achieved with a simple POAP, so not sure about that as well. But the power of the NameWrapper, in my view, will be demonstrated by its under-the-hood use by many teams across the industry in a variety of ways.

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Great idea.
And maybe when L2 support is online that exercise could be a great proof of concept :1st_place_medal:

I think this is cool. I instantly think to myself–how would you choose who would be eligible. I honestly believe it would generate some anger in those who did not receive an eligibility. I think it’s best left untouched. Also, looking at how twitter just incorporated the verified badges; many people would assume that any subdomain under ens.eth would be an employee of ENS Labs.

While I do love this idea, I’d be worried about it being abused by scammers.

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